About the United States Boxer Association

The United States Boxer Association was formed for the following, specific purposes:

  1. To preserve, promote and exhibit the working character of the Boxer in the United States.
  2. To preserve the Boxer as a working dog in accordance with the FCI breed standard.
  3. To promote and encourage the training and use of the Boxer for work that is consistent with the breed, including tracking, obedience and protection work, and in other ways for which working dogs are utilized.
  4. To conduct a Working Boxer Championship of the Year schutzhund trial.
  5. To conduct European-style breed shows which evaluate the conformation of the Boxer as a working breed.
  6. To conduct other activities for which the Boxer is suitable, including, but not limited to: ZTP breed suitability tests, AD endurance tests, agility trials, and training or breeding seminars.
  7. To develop a Breed Registry for the Working Boxer in the United States.
  8. To promote humane treatment and training methods; to support responsible dog ownership and breeding practices, and encourage sportsmanship among owners, breeders and fanciers of the Boxer.
  9. To publish a magazine to advance the objectives of the USA-BOX.
  10. To maintain an open dialogue with all clubs sharing similar objectives, national and international, while insuring the autonomy of the USA-BOX.


Please read the United States Boxer Association Code of Ethics which applies to all members.


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